Online accounting

Researches have shown that even more users find the remote service comfortable.

The online accounting services system, also known as online accounting, is a method of communication between the accounting company and its clients, as well as all government institutions whose work organization enables electronic interaction with accountants.

The communication with the clients who have chosen this type of service is implemented through а web-based electronic system for online accounting of the accounting company Ratio 4711 Inc SA.

According to their needs, the company's customers can make electronic requests for various accounting services: providing different accounting reports and statements; issuance of accounting documents; conclusion, modification and termination of employment contracts; administration of sick leave, official notes and certificates; electronic banking; invoices issuing; accounting, tax and insurance advice, and etc.

The accounting firm’s customers can receive in real time the needed accounting information in addition, increase their flexibility in terms of optimizing workers, finance and relation with suppliers and customers.

There is no second opinion that the bookkeeping promotes the efficiency of every business and helps lowering the operating costs related to the traditional communication with accounters, banks and institutions (document exchange in the bookkeeper’s office, personal document filing in the institutions and etc.)

Advantages of the electronic accounting services

The main advantages of the electronic subscription accounting services we offer are:

  • Communication by E-mail or phone depending on what is prioritized, avoiding visits in the office, NRA (National Revenue Agency), or in the bank as possible;
  • Scanning and sending the invoices for accounting by E-mail or by using online applications;
  • Sending all documents by E-mail: labour agreements, payrolls, payment orders, termination of labour agreements etc.;
  • E-banking – we make payment orders for social security, taxes or payments to contractors, you only confirm them through your bank’s E-banking;
  • Online filing of tax and social security documents using NRA’s website;
  • Tax and accounting services by E-mail – you send your questions and we answer by E-mail, there is no need for personal meetings in the office and wasting of precious time in the city traffic.

By choosing our E-service You and Your company:

  • Receive everything included in our standard subscription contract for accounting services;
  • Receive accounting and tax consultations by E-mail;
  • In case You still do not have a scanner but prefer to use E-mail for invoices , we provide a scanner, with which You will be able to easily and quickly scan and send the documents directly to our office;
  • Save money on bank fees because we use E-banking only and carrying paper payment orders for taxes and social security to the bank is not required, neither taking from there and giving to us paper statements of account – we take them ourselves from the bank.

We appreciate Your time and money. Thanks to the innovations we use in our working process, the cost of accounting services to our customers has been significantly reduced and now we can offer it all at incredible price.

Ratio 4711 Inc SA offers a guaranteed service quality regardless of where it is situated or how big your business is.